Our Services

Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation, a company that installs swimming pools, repairs and replaces stairs, walkways, and driveways. As well as snow removal and asphalt repair. Our product and service is durable, reliable and built to last. We create each design especially for you and your needs. Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation was created on four generations of builders. This experience is shown in our reliability, high quality and unique designs. Our staff works with you every step of the way to make sure that your project is completed correctly the first time.

Custom Design

We believe in creating a look that is uniquely yours. With our years of experience we have the talent and drive to do that. Our customers are important to us; our work reflects our goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a product that is uniquely yours. To built a durable masterpiece that you and Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation will be proud of. See our gallery for a sample of our work or contact us for more information.

What's Unique About Us

We are able to handle all aspects of installation of your swimming pool, no need to higher other contractors for different parts of the job. Thus you receive top quality workmanship in a short period of time. Other companies lay a screening base then lay the interlocking on top. They then compact the interlocking down. This procedure will cause moving and shifting over time. Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation lays a concrete base then glues the interlocking down with quality industrial glue. This system allows for a solid foundation that prevents sinking and shifting, which makes a more durable, longer lasting product then the traditional method. Each corner is cut at 45 degrees creating an attractive and unique design. Another process that puts Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation above our competitors.

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