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Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation, a company in Ontario which provides the service of installing swimming pools, repairs and replaces stairs, walkways, and driveways. As well as snow removal and asphalt repair. Concrete fasteners are designed to remain fixed in base material once they are set. Concrete and masonry fasteners are unique. They are placed into a drilled hole in concrete, brick or block. Once set, it is not possible to remove them without damaging the base material that they are set in. The base material is the weakest link when working with concrete and masonry fasteners.

If pulled on hard enough, the base material will fail and the anchor will become detached. This will leave a hole in the concrete that is the shape of an upside down cone. The amount of force required to remove the anchor is called the ultimate pullout or ultimate tension load. The pullout value is determined by the diameter of the anchor and the depth of embedment of the concrete anchor in the base material. Also, each type of fastener has a different holding value for the same diameter and depth of embedment.

Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation offers complete outdoor, asphalt repair and maintenance, and remodeling services in Ontario. Concrete Base Interlocking Corporation is committed to quality workmanship and products for remodeling or repair projects of all shape and size. . We offer comprehensive repair, replacement and remodeling needs that cover every area of your home.

Concrete Base
Interlocking Corporation

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Outdoor Repair & Remodeling

outdoor repair and remodeling

We do residential stairs, walkways and driveways for your home. Taking a space and transforming it into a representation of you.

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Asphalt Repair & Replacement

outdoor repair and remodeling

Replace or repair that old, cracking, non attractive asphalt. We do tennis courts, parking lots, and driveways to fit your needs.

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Swimming Pool Installation

outdoor repair and remodeling

Concrete base Interlocking Corporation is your one stop for swimming pool. We do all the work required for the installation of your pool.

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